Painting, repairs, and property improvements are all daunting tasks that can take up a lot of time with no guarantee of a good-quality outcome if you choose to do them yourself. Our painting and repair services in Alexander City can take the uncertainty out of improvements you need to be done to your home or commercial building. 

Painting is a quick way to make big changes to any structure. Whether you want to rejuvenate faded paint or completely change an existing color, our team of painters can make it happen.

Residential Painting

Does the paint on or in your house need a fresh coat? If so, give us a call for a free estimate. Our residential painting service can turn your house into a home. We can paint anything on your property from your front door to every wall inside.

Commercial Painting

As a business, you should want to not only bring people in the door, but keep them coming back. While we can’t hire Gordon Ramsey to cook in your restaurant, or a top educator for your school, we can assist in attracting people from the outside and creating an inviting atmosphere on the inside — the rest is up to you.

Read more about our commercial painting service.

Finishing your wooden surfaces are crucial to make them last longer. Without the proper protection, the boards will deteriorate from the constant exposure to the elements and insects.

When it comes to wood finishing, you have a few popular options — paint, stain, and clear coat. All three options act to prevent water from soaking into the boards and aren’t very attractive to carpenter bees or other insects.

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Furniture
  • Patios

Soft washing and pressure washing are typically afterthoughts when people want to increase the curb appeal of their home or business. This is unfortunate because these services can make a drastic improvement to the overall look of your property.

House Washing

Our Alexander City house washing service will leave your house squeaky clean and prevent mold and mildew growth for up to a year! What’s more, we will use soft washers to clean your home to prevent damage to your paint, stucco, and roof.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a staple when it comes to increasing curb appeal quickly. We will come out with our professional equipment and pressure wash your property to your exact specifications. We work quickly and methodically to get your job done ASAP with unbelievable results.

Carpentry work can be a large undertaking that usually takes a lot of knowledge to generate the result you want. Without the help of professionals, you might end up with an eye sore and be forced to call in reinforcements anyway. Skip the hassle and hire us from the start. Our professional carpentry service can take the headache out of repairs and projects around your home or business.